About Us

My spiritual journey began in 2018, the year illness struck me and I was caught in the middle of an electrical storm without any warning, nowhere to hide, no umbrella, and no guidance. A perfectly healthy young woman, a daughter, a sister, mother, an aunt, I found myself completely paralyzed and in an ICU. Doctor’s had very little hope. I was still alive inside, but I just couldn’t move, speak, eat, or swallow and mucus started forming in my lungs. The road to recovery was long and extremely hard but I had all these questions to ask, and I demanded answers as soon as I could speak correctly. My first question was, why me? Unfortunately the doctor’s didn’t have any answers. That was enough determination for me to get better and to open that spiritual door that I had refused to open and had kept secret. After physical rehabilitation was completed, I decided to open this spiritual door, and I ran right through it.
I was quickly introduced to everything I have here on this website, it wasn’t an easy task to put together. I encountered fakes, imitation, unethical people not willing to help. So, I began researching, then testing and doing more research and testing and with the help of my family I came across the right tools I wanted to work with.
Initiated in the Yoruba religion since youth, I’ve practiced Espiritismo (Spiritualism) and with lots of pride I’m a gifted Medium. I’m constantly looking for other natural healing methods but I will not give up because there’s a lot to show and learn from this beautiful world.
The 7th Crystal