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Evil Eye Amulets

What is the evil eye? It's when someone stares in your direction with malicious intentions. It is believed that receiving an "Evil Eye" stare can cause misfortune, illness, a streak of bad luck, and sometimes even Injury. These Amulets are intended to be hung over or in front of the entrance of your home, in other words you want it to be the first thing visitors see when they enter.  

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Dream Catchers

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I recommend it !!! I loved all the stuff I order from the crystal hearts and the white candle holder was beautiful ... can't forget the sages ... will be ordering more ...!!

Karri A.

I recommend 100% The 7th Crystal. Everything from the sage to the crystals are high quality. Delivery was fast. Everything is beautiful, thank you 7th Crystal!

Yessi Morais

Very much enjoy it! Thank you for this and all that you create! KEEP IT UP!

Erick M.

My order was beautifully and carefully wrapped, everything is gorgeous but nothing takes the cake like my Amethyst pendant! I  get so many compliments and I'm so happy to recommend them to Lali, absolutely the best !!!